Chris Evans talks about passing the Human Torch to Michael B. Jordan

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Important information for your life: Cool Runnings is on Netflix.

I have no idea where this pen came from but at least I have the #yankees schedule from 2009 handy. (#mets on the other side) #baseball #newyorkcity

I have no idea where this pen came from but at least I have the #yankees schedule from 2009 handy. (#mets on the other side) #baseball #newyorkcity


Oh man guys, what works better for hipster Merida?




Gonna be wearing a green plaid skater skirt and a black crop top plus various on-theme jewelry.

Either would probably also work for general wear afterward. I just can’t choose.

So update: I got the top ones because consensus was unanimous and they were a more hardy brand I’ve trusted before anyway. Also (thank you Amazon Prime) they’re due to get here tomorrow!

does luring him away with a toy on a string work? that’s what jackson galaxy does :-/

Sometimes. Treats are the best but I don’t feel like I should reward him for rushing out of the room I’m trying to keep him in and heading straight towards the food cabinet.

I’m gonna get clippers on the way home to try and do his claws tonight.

oh my god! can you get soft paw thingies on his nails?

Not easily. He’s very anti foot touching unless he’s suuuuuuper tired. And really squirmy. I used to be able to get him out of the kitchen in a way he couldn’t twist and get me no problem, but it seems that his size & determination have increased in tandem.


Yeah, it was not particularly fun as I carried him into the other room (yelling at him to let the fuck go) and resisted the reflex to try to shake him off (because ripping claws through further? NO THANKS)

Also the photo does make the welts stand out more starkly than they really look in person.

SOMEONE did not want to be snatched away from eating his merry little heart out in the food cabinet this morning. (It was blocked closed, there was no chance of that anyway)

Someone also did not get breakfast as a consequence.

This needs to stop happening every few weeks. Any tips?

I just fell a little asleep with Ollie on my lap/stomach and my laptop sliding off my legs onto the couch. I heard a noise and started back into this world and looked up to Ollie browsing a press release about Apple’s 3rd quarter returns. He’d also opened a tab about the Itunes Festival.

I have no idea how he managed. I don’t have any bookmarks that go to Apple and the tab I was on was an AO3 story.

I tired to tag everything. I hope I was successful. If not, I will try to remember to add #spoilers to the next round (I don’t remember what the premiere schedule looks like exactly)


mindy project is legitimately trying to kill me


Time is a flat circle.


Time is a flat circle.

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I wanted more from my tv boyfriend this season but I did not want this. >:(


I’m hoping it’s actually a banana hammock.

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